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"Moving Stillness"

Yoga Meditation with Barbara Ward

Moving Stillness
is a relaxing positive flow.  It is 70 minutes of meditative
yoga that focuses on breathing and relaxation.

It is her first attempt to record. She hopes you will listen and enjoy it.
Moving Stillness is available for sale in the studio for $12.00.
For mail order contact Barbara at 508-746-5780.

Moving Stillness II CD

Barbara's new CD, Moving Stillness Two, produced by
Wes Ennis Films, is now available. Moving Stillness Two is a
non-physical practice of Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra means Yoga
sleep. Actually, the practice is one in which you stay awake
and aware that you are practicing! It is a
transformational meditative process
that can be done daily, or
as needed.

From JD, a listener, August 2014:

"I have listened to the CD and hope to make it part of my daily
routine. It helped me relax with my shingles and gave me
strength to do a shopping day out which I haven't
felt up to. I think it needs to be marketed as
'alternative medicine' either at doctor's
offices or clinics and pain
management facilities.
Thank you for sharing it with me."

Yoga Nidra is one of the more ancient practices that has been reintroduced
to the Yoga world. If you want to live a more content and intentional life,
this is the practice for you. My first CD, Moving Stillness,
is also available. This CD is an actual gentle Yoga flow.

You can buy both at the Studio for cash, check or credit card
for $20, or one for $12.

You may contact Barbara directly to make arrangements to
purchase for yourself or friends, or visit the studio.
Email Barbara here, or call 508.269.5780.

Both are also available on $9.99 each for
downloadable versions
, or $15 each for a hardcopy CD
with case. Links here will bring you to the site, where
you can buy for yourself or send as a gift,
and hear samples, too:

Moving Stillness

Moving Stillness II

Looking forward to sharing with you.
Namaste, Barbara

Barbara P. Ward, Director
Barbara Ward, Director of Plymouth YogaConnectionLicensed Psychotherapist
Registered Kripalu Yoga Teacher
Certified Partner/Couples Yoga Teacher

Barbara has been practicing and teaching Yoga for over 36 years. She sees herself as a facilitator who
encourages others to do their own Yoga practice. Her focus is helping others to breathe freely, to relax completely, and to allow the body to express itself from the inside out. Most recently Barbara is working with couples in therapy using Yoga as a healing tool.








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