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Barbara P. Ward, Director

Barbara in Bali Barbara Ward, Director of Plymouth YogaConnection Licensed Psychotherapist
Registered Kripalu Yoga Teacher
Certified Partner/Couples Yoga Teacher

Barbara has been practicing and teaching Yoga for over 50 years. She sees herself as a facilitator who encourages others to do their own Yoga practice. Her focus is helping others to breathe freely, to relax completely, and to allow the body to express itself from the inside out. Most recently Barbara is working with couples in therapy using Yoga as a healing tool.

Eileen Paris
Eileen Paris, Instructor at Plymouth YogaConnectionEileen became interested in yoga many years ago to enhance her physical well-being and flexibility, and began daily practice in 2001 (in honor of her 50th birthday). Little did she know that yoga would enhance every aspect of her life - her interactions with friends and family, her work, and of course her relationship with herself. In 2007 she became a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, accredited in Hatha Yoga, with the goal of sharing the benefits of yoga with others. Eileen integrates Hatha, Kripalu, and Kundalini yoga traditions in her approach to both practicing and teaching yoga classes. She believes breath awareness can help us stay present and deal with just about anything.

Carol Cooney
Carol Cooney, Instructor at Plymouth YogaConnection200 RYT, Usuii Reiki Master/Teacher
Carol became interested in yoga after finding just the philosophy and style she was looking for while living on Cape Cod. In 2010 she received her certification in Hatha yoga through Diane Kovanda at Kind Yoga School. Since then she has continued the exploration with many workshops and classes including Children’s Yoga Certification through Finding Inner Peace Yoga School. She became an Usuii Reiki Master/Teacher with Libby Barnett, M.S.W. through a program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital where she feels very fortunate to be able to use this ancient healing practice with oncology patients. The Yoga Connection under the guidance of Barbara Ward feels like home to Carol. Her class is a gentle practice of compassion for ourselves and others, mindfulness, reflection, time spent listening to our own bodies and, of course, humor. When we practice these things on the mat, we will be truly amazed at what we notice about ourselves and our world off the yoga mat.

Colleen Duggan Cuomo
200 RYT
Colleen Duggan Cuomo, Instructor at Plymouth YogaConnectionColleen strongly believes that yoga is for everyone. Her classes focus on breath and body alignment. She encourages listening to your body and honoring yourself during your practice. She sets a non-competitive, non-judgmental space in which all are welcome. She hopes to bring to others what she has found through yoga – a true sense of inner peace and well being no matter what life’s challenges bring. Colleen received her 200 hour yoga certification in Transformation Yoga with Michelle Fleming and Sanctuary Transformational Yoga and Bodywork in 2012 and is register with the Yoga Alliance. Colleen continues her yoga education by attending classes and workshops regularly. She is also an avid equestrian and Massachusetts certified riding instructor.

Ginny Davis
Ginny Davis, Instructor at Plymouth YogaConnection Certified Yoga Instructor: Yoga Alliance
Usuii Reiki Master/Teacher

Ginny brings decades of experience in the fields of health care and education to her yoga practice. A pioneer in the fields of cardiac care nursing and childbirth education in the 1960s and 1970s, Ginny spent several years as a public health nurse working with and being a labor coach to pregnant teenagers. Her last 26 years of nursing were spent as a high school nurse. Ginny has practiced yoga for over 20 years, becoming a yoga instructor in 2012. She is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and is enrolled in the 500-hour program with Michelle Fleming and Sanctuary Transformational Yoga & Body Work. She recently received certification in Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra with Jennifer Ries, Kripalo faculty.
Ginny believes yoga has helped her maintain her health and vitality. One of her goals is to inspire others to find their own bliss and enhance their wellbeing.
A graduate of The Jaguar Path: A Fusion of Yoga and Shamanism, with founder Ray Crist and a Reiki Master, Ginny offers private Reiki and Shamanic sessions and Reiki Certification for Level 1 and 2.

Gail Belaief
Gail Balaief, Instructor at Plymouth YogaConnectionRegistered Yoga Teacher, OTR
Gail completed her 200 hours with Michelle Fleming of the Sanctuary, through Finding Inner Peace Yoga school. Combining the elements of her work as an occupational therapist with the complementary training
of Yoga, Reiki, Cranial Sacral Therapy she teaches children and adults to facilitate the mind body connection and to build balance into their lives. Gail began her yoga practice in college and finds inspiration from local teachers David Vendetti and Daniel Orlansky. Gail is currently teaching in the Plymouth community, promoting wellness with adults and children. She is an RYT with the Yoga Alliance as well as working as an OTR in a local school system.

Diana Gilchrist
Diana Gilchrist, Instructor at Plymouth YogaConnection Certified Yoga Instructor
Diana has been practicing yoga for over 25 years. She began to crave the feeling of contentment and joy yoga brings to the mind and body. At that point, she knew it was time to enroll in a teacher training program. Diana has 200 hours of certified yoga teacher training along with certified classes at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. When it concerns yoga, she feels you are always growing and learning. Diana wants to share her knowledge with her students, and spread the good word about how yoga can bring freedom and peace to all who practice. Diana teaches a yoga class suitable for all levels of experience with an emphasis on the breath, physical movement and increased relaxation.

Peggy Grande
Peggy Grande, Instructor at Plymouth YogaConnectionBSN, RN
Certified Yoga Instructor

Peggy's yoga journey began in 2001 when she discovered an ancient, holistic path of wellness that strengthens her body, mind and spirit. Exploring deeper into the breath work, asanas and meditation of yoga, she has found these tools help her find the serenity that always resides within her. She would love to share this gift with others, wherever they may be on their own paths, by providing a safe, gentle and welcoming yoga practice. In 2012 she completed a 200 hour Transformational Teacher Training certification under the direction of Michelle Fleming. She also has a Senior Yoga teacher certification, continues to attend workshops and is a life long student of yoga.

Teri and Naomi of BALANCE4KidsTeri Sexton and Naomi Stahl are the co-founders of BALANCE4Kids™. Colleagues and friends, their journey began as early childhood educators and practitioners of yoga and mindfulness. They are passionate about developing children’s social-emotional skills, fostering resilency and encouraging a lifelong love of learning.
As experienced educators, both Teri and Naomi hold master’s degrees in education. Each with over 25 years’ experience working with children. They are certified Children’s Yoga Instructors, including Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Teri and Naomi trained together as facilitators for both Calm Classroom and Yoga for Classrooms programs. They are both members of the Carver Public School Wellness Committee.
Additionally, Teri is working on a master’s certification in Trauma in Learning and is an active member of the Carver Safe and Supportive School Committee. Naomi is a licensed school counselor. She has recently completed her dissertation on social-emotional learning and earned a doctoral degree in education in Transformative Leadership.

Kelly Pearson
Kelly Pearson, Instructor at Plymouth YogaConnectionMS, C-IAYT, LCPC
Yoga Therapist, Therapeutic Life Mentor, Yoga Teacher

Kelly started practicing yoga in 2000, after completing a project for her undergrad degree. Since then, her practice has grown, influencing her well-being, relationships and view of the world. While working as a counselor, she witnessed the benefits of mindfulness, breath-work and connecting with the body; these benefits drew her towards the therapeutic side of yoga. Currently, Kelly offers group and private yoga instruction, yoga therapy and mentoring. Her teaching style is influenced by Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and the many teachers she’s studied with in Texas, Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts. Kelly grew up in Plymouth and has since lived in Texas and Maine. Returning home to Plymouth in early 2019, she is excited to share her love of yoga and mindfulness with her hometown. In her free time, Kelly loves to be outdoors, go to the beach and watch baseball with her husband and son.

Wellness Practitioners

Larraine K. Gayton
Larraine K. Gayton, Instructor at Plymouth YogaConnectionReiki Master/Teacher and Reflexologist
Larraine Gayton studied the healing art of Usui Reiki with Usui Reiki Master Libby Barnett, M.S.W., of The Reiki Healing Connection, NH, and became a Certified Reiki practitioner in 1992 to help herself recover from shoulder surgery.  Larraine continued her studies with Usui Reiki Master Janet StraightArrow of Oasis for the Soul, NJ and earned her Master Teacher degree in 2002.   Larraine achieved Certification in Reflexology from Bergen Community College, NJ, in 2005 and also from the Reflexology Certification Board in Massachusetts in 2010.   Larraine also has a working knowledge of the benefits of crystals and essential oils and their effect on holistic healing.  She combines all of her gifts, education and experience to give her clients the best possible therapeutic sessions.









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