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Upcoming Events & News


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Tuesday Series Continues- now through February, 5:45pm.
Yoga & Fascia Workshop Repeated!- Saturday, Feb 17, 3 - 4:15pm.
Beautifully-Paved Walkway!.
Yoga on Sundays.
Restorative Thursdays Yin Yoga.
Mindfulness / Meditation - Every Sunday.
Monthly Community Yoga - first Sundays, 10am.
Kirtan: Mantras to Music - suspended for now.
Buy an 8 - session Yoga Class Card:


winter solstice
Sunrise Solstice Celebration at Barbara's
was Thursday, December 21, 2017
Sorry for all of you who were not present when the Bald Eagle
soared over our Winter Solstice Fire Ceremony.
Twenty five of us were awe struck.
It was a beautiful and very cold morning. We were a
hardy group that included five great men!  

Thank you, Ginny, for our meaningful experience and thank
all of you who joined us, brought donations
for the Food Bank and for all those who
prepared delicious goodies with us.

Our Fire was spectacular as it burned brightly but the
light that people brought to the circle around
the fire was equally bright.
We all offered up desires in our hearts for peace,
personal peacepeace in our families
and peace in the world

All of us at the YogaConnection send wishes of
peace to all of you, to all of yours and to
all beings everywhere. 

Om new walkway

Beautiful New Walkway!   Created by our
student and friend Ken Keohane.

Sunday Morning Yoga:   Join Suzanne Sundays
from 9 to 10am
for "just yoga". The first Sunday
of each month will be a Community Yoga
class, with proceeds benefitting the
Yoga Gives Back Foundation,
a not-for- profit which brings Yoga and Mindfulness
to the under-served and under-resourced
segments of the community.


"Plymouth Residents Reap the Many
Benefits of Yoga at Yoga Connection"

By Paul Rowe, writing for
You may read this excellent interview of Barbara Ward,
the philosophy of yoga and the Studio right here!



Tuesday Series with Gail Belaief & DeeDee Wadsworth.
all Febuary, 2018, 5:45 - 6:45pm
Taught by alternating yoginis Gail Belaief, RYT, OTR and
DeeDee Wadsworth, RYT, this month's weekly series continues
with asana, pranayama and meditation focus on specific energy
chakras. Please join Gail and DeeDee to build inner peace
and strength in addition to a restorative savasana.
Accessible to all levels. Drop ins welcome.
$15 drop in, or use pre-purchased class card.
Questions: please contact me at:


Fire Pit Sangha Talks:  
on Barbara's deck at 30 Warren Ave, Plymouth.
Barbara writes,
"As diverse as we are in so many ways,
our practice brings us all in to 'oneness'. And on that note,
I hope all of you and your friends might join me
on my deck for our Fire Pit Sangha.
Fire Pit gives us all an opportunity to grow and learn more
about ourselves and others and expand the concept
that is critical to the world today, which
is yoga OFF the mat.
This is free, and come as you can.
We try to plan it for the first Friday of most months
during the summer


Thursday Evening Restorative Yin Yoga
with Lauren Chalas , Thursdays, 6 - 7:15pm.
Find a calming, peaceful practice to end your day
with this slow-moving, gentle class.
Using long-held seated and reclining poses, we'll give
tired muscles and tight joints plenty of time
to open at their own pace.
Beginners will feel right at ease, while experienced
practitioners will deepen into the
asanas like never before.


Barbara Mindfulness /Meditation Weekly Workshop  happens every week.
Come explore different techniques for inner awareness.
No experience necessary. Take this opportunity to learn
to sit with your mind and accept yourself completely.
There is no right or wrong way to meditate.
There is no good Meditation or bad.
Itís just about stopping. Relaxing. Feeling. Thinking.
Breathing and then....acceptance.
Your heart will expand to offer loving kindness and
compassion to yourself and others.
You are free to sit, lie down, stand , leave when you need to.
We are all starting over again every Sunday so there no experts, just beginners!
Drop-in fine, no experience necessary.
Sundays from 8am to 8:45am,
By donation.

Sunday Morning Community Class meets once a month.
Taught by Suzanne Staples, the class is free or by
donation, proceeds to benefit the
Yoga Gives Back Foundation,
a not-for- profit which brings Yoga and Mindfulness
to under-served and under-resourced
segments of the community.
Please pass the
word to anyone who's on a budget!


Give a Gift Certificate! We now have a student (those in school)
of $8 per class.
Our regular 8 classes for $96 (classes good for 3 months)
card is available as a gift certificate, too...
give the gift of health and peace
to someone special.
Contact Barbara at 508.746.4446 to purchase.


Summer Solstice Celebration:  Was held Thursday, June 22nd,
on Barbara's beach. Fire Ceremony, Labyrinth, ocean
and the embrace of the solar power that is
inherent in each of us!
Barbara writes,
"To All, A toast to Tamreh and Deb Herlihy, Ginny Davis,
Maria da Silva and Carol Cooney for what I have
heard was a wonderful Summer
Solstice Celebration.
It was painful not to be there, but you all left some great
energy on the beach for me. Thank ALL of you
for showing up for YOURSELVES.
The stronger we become the stronger our influence in the
world around us. With love and appreciation for this
lovely day and all of you lovely, lovely beings.
Barbara "


Ginny's recent fundraiser for Abby Pulling, teen missionary,
was a big success, and Abby thanks all participants!

thank you


Yoga at the Pembroke Public Library:  Barbara and PAC TV recently
created a lovely piece about the long-running class Barbara
and Ginny teach at the Pembroke Public Library. View it
here, or use this link to view on YouTube:


New Studio

Our beautiful new porch arrangement, complete with a tea area!
Thanks to Anne Balboni for her redecorating skill and vision.
Come stop by to view, and enjoy a cup of Yogi tea!


Barbara's on   Buy Moving Stillness I & II downloads online!
Links and more below. You might also consider hard copies for
holiday or birthday gifts
. . .available at the Studio

...and PACtv as well!    See the Studio, and hear a little of Barbara's
story and yogic philosophy: The Yoga Lady

The Yoga Lady, Barbara P. Ward

Reiki I Certification:   Learn Reiki! Larraine Gayton, Usui Reiki Master Teacher
offers this One-Day Certification Class. Reiki, the ancient
holistic practice of Energy healing, is a simple, powerful and gentle
practice that promotes the body's natural self-healing abilities.
Class includes history, how it works, the Reiki Principles,
Chakra Energy System, Crystal work, Reiki for animals,
traditional hand positions and more.
REIKI I Class Includes:
What is Reiki?
History of Reiki
The Reiki Principles
How Reiki Heals
Reiki Self-Healing
Traditional Reiki Hand Positions
Attunements, Student Manual and Certificate.
Tuition: $150.

Contact Larraine Gayton
or call the studio

Reiki II Certification:   One Day Certification Class. Second Degree Reiki
integrates additional attunements to allow the Reiki practitioner to
participate in distance (absentee) healing and to
assist in mental and emotional clearing
and healing.
The Reiki II Course includes a method of sending distance healing
as well as a method of mental and emotional relaxation for
yourself or your clients. The practitioner's energy is
refined through the energy transmissions and the
ability to channel Reiki energy is heightened. .
Pre-requisite: Reiki I

Call Larraine for info about next classes and to register at 508.789.5469,
the YC Studio at 508.746.4446, or email

Reiki Services:    Larraine Gayton offers Reiki and Reflexology
.  Learn more about treatments at


Barbara's New CD:   Moving Stillness Two is now available. It is a
non-physical practice of Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra means Yoga
sleep. Actually, the practice is one in which you stay awake
and aware that you are practicing! It is a
transformational meditative process
that can be done daily, or
as needed.

Moving Stillness II CD

Yoga Nidra is one of the more ancient practices that has been reintroduced
to the Yoga world. If you want to live a more content and intentional life,
this is the practice for you. My first CD, Moving Stillness,
is also available. This CD is an actual gentle Yoga flow.

From JD, a listener, August 2014:

"I have listened to the CD and hope to make it part of my daily routine.
It helped me relax with my shingles and gave me strength to do
a shopping day out which I haven't felt up to. I think it
needs to be marketed as 'alternative medicine'
either at doctor's offices or clinics and
pain management facilities.
Thank you for sharing it with me."

You can buy both at the Studio for cash, check or charge
for $20, or one for $12
Both are also available on $9.99 each for a downloadable
, or $15 each for a hardcopy CD with case. Links here
will bring you to the site, where you can buy for yourself
or send as a gift, and hear samples, too:

Moving Stillness

Moving Stillness II

You may also contact Barbara directly to make arrangements to
purchase for yourself or friends, or visit the Studio.
Email Barbara here, or call 508.269.5780.
Looking forward to sharing with you.
Namaste, Barbara


What kinds of workshops/classes are you interested in seeing
at the YogaConnection in 2015? Moon Ceremonies,      
Drumming Circles, Nutrition Classes,          
Aromatherapy, Journaling...            

Would you like to teach a workshop or class?
Please let us know.


Yoga in the grass

Locked out of the studio, the Friday morning group, with their sub Lee,
have an impromptu in plein aire Yoga session. Way to go!


Are there other times that work for you? We are trying to
introduce more teachers and times so more people
can have the opportunity to find the peace
and joy that resides inside themselves.
Please let us know!


Consider helping out the Foundation for Haitian Development,
a nonprofit organization Barbara has been supporting.
Haiti still needs a hand up, and this group is
committed to developing new sustainable
models for community living.

Foundation for Haitian Development


Are you interested in:

Restorative Yoga (all poses done with props)
Yoga Nidra (a deeper practice of Shavasana)
Couples Yoga (bring your partner)

Please express your interest to Barbara
by phone at 508.746.4446
email, or in person.

Next time you are at the Studio,  be sure to pick up a
Testimonial form so you can share your positive
experience of yoga with others.

Another way to learn the latest . . .

Become our friend, fan or "like" us, and read about
our current news, events and classes.

Did you know you can organize a private class?

Call your friends and make your own class!  Also, may we
remind you that if you have relatives or friends visiting,
 you can plan a class just with them.  We have
taught family groups, wedding parties
and class reunions.

Please talk to us and let us know what you want for class times.








7 Fremont Street, Plymouth, MA                                                                         508.746.4446

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